As recorded in a previous post - Cloudstreet are heading back to the UK for another huge tour. The lastest reviews mean they will get a welcome even warmer than the last one. We wish them well.

"The Find of the Festival"
(Fylde Festival)


"…a delightful duo who not only inspire one another but put an indelible smile on the faces of their audiences. Strong harmonies, side-splitting stories and ballads brought to life in a way we hadn't seen before. Heartily recommended."
(Nancy Kerr and James Fagan)


"With stunning harmony singing, and magical arrangements John and Nicole demonstrate energy, dynamism and the sheer joy of performing together before an audience. Singing acapella or supported by instrumentation of guitars, flutes, whistles and percussion their emphasis is on songs with a traditional feel which awaken strong emotional responses."
(Greg Watson - The Tablelands Folk Festival)


"Exciting, polished, and professional these folks have really impressed us (and we are not easily pleased). The cross section of material is perfect, traditional to new written and the voices and harmonies are wonderful and laced with skilful musicianship that works well for big stage or small clubroom.

On top off all that, they are damn nice people!

Book 'em .you won't be disappointed."
(Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman)

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