2007 starts with a bang.

Cloudstreet - killer duo slay the crowds

The New Year saw me back in Australia from a long trip through Somalia ( no, this time I did not get shot, but, as I didn't shoot anyone, my pay was docked), Mauritania ( no hassle and no broken bones) and on to Morocco to visit my old friends Zany and Samir who had just completed their fabulous restoration project and written two books ( that is one each). Someone should slow these guys down before they burn out. Zany is editing a book for Penguin at the moment and then heading to Paris to seek out a writing base there.


Samir returned to OZ for a couple of months holiday and also goes to Paris in February before setting out for Fez again. Their blog The View from Fez, goes from strength to strength and is part of my daily reading.

On the music front - Cloudstreet were superb ( as usual) at Woodford and are now on tour in New Zealand. Then they cross the world begin another European tour. All power to them.

I am hanging out in Australia to catch the latest gig from Women in Docs - ( see story below) - then off to Paris for a gig. Not sure what I will do after that, but may cruise to Morocco for the Sacred Music Festival in Fez or head to the Chateau for a spot of fishing. At least I appear to have given the CIA boys the slip for the moment and I can sleep without fear of knocks on the door. Ah... what a good feeling!

Chateau Lalinde

And Rastas? Ah, dear Rastas has been bitten by the flu bug and is feeling to sorry for himself to tell anyone what the real news is. I suspect he is working on yet another evil scheme to send me thousands of miles from home to find some strange new instrument of torture!

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