Great place to rent in Bordeaux

La Terrasse à Bordeaux is one of the relatively few apartments available for holiday rental in the heart of the ancient and historic centre of Bordeaux. More than that, it is the only apartment for rent I know of that has a wonderful terrace large enough to dine on or simply take in the fabulous view of the river, the ancient Porte de Bourgogne and Napoleon's Pont de Pierre - the bridge that took his troops to Paris.

A majority of the visitors are looking for an apartment in Bordeaux while exploring the Bordeaux region and usually with an emphasis on discovering the wines that have made the area world famous. Make no mistake, wine tourism is a huge industry and good modern apartments are hard to find. At some times of the year there is little or no accommodation within 50 kilometres of the city - so plan ahead and book early!

Bordeaux's historic centre has been revitalised in the last few years and is now one of the biggest pedestrian precincts in Europe - yet compact enough to be visited on foot. In the area adjacent to La Terrasse à Bordeaux are wonderful cobbled streets with some of the best restaurants and bars as well as an open-air food market and antique and bric-a-brac market on weekends.

Porte de Bourgogne

The Porte de Bourgogne sits at the end of the Victor Hugo Avenue, where once one of the city's gates stood. At our left we have the Quartier de la Rousselle, with its beautiful old houses, at our right we have the Quarter Saint-Michel with its amazing cathedral and directly in front of our terrace we have the La Garonne river and the famous Pont de Pierre .

The photograph at the top of the page and the small one at the side will give you a pretty good idea of the spectacular view from the terrace of our apartment at sunset.


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