Lalinde - another favourite stopover.

The Canal de Lalinde is probably one of the best little gems of the Dordogne River.

Because the stretch of river that passes Lalinde is the only part of the Dordogne River which, due to a natural stone weir and three rapids, the Gratusse, the Gratussou and the Grand Thoret is too shallow for boat traffic -- and in particular the gabares flat bottomed boats that used to transport goods from the market in Sarlat down the river to Bergerac and further to Bordeaux, it was decided in 1840 to build this excellent engineering feat. By all accounts even back in 1852, 29,750 tonnes of goods passed along the canal between markets, by 1858 as much as 46,000 tonnes and a mere two years later, in 1860, no less than 200,000 tonnes!.

The Canal stretches from Mausac to Tuilières with three locks along its 15 kilometers, which are still maintained even though no boat traffic goes slong the canal any longer. The lock at Tuilières comprise of a double set of three locks -- quite a remarkable sight! At Sainte-Capraize one can also see a special area where the canal crosses a small bridge.

During the sixties, after a fatal accident at Port-de-Couze during the Tour de France, the canal was closed for boat traffic.

Today the canal is a favourite spot for the fishermen - and women of the area -- apparently the fishing is very good, and any fisherman will tell you that in such exquisite surroundings, with its tunnel of Plane trees and soft golden reflections on the still water, the fishing is good even if the fist did not bite!
From time to time, if you are lucky, you may also see a team of scullers use the canal for their training, and of course cyclists and walkers and joggers have long ago discovered the beauty of this spot.

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